• Promote Memphis commerce by showing its diversity and uniqueness in all that we do
  • Provide a creative way for businesses to share their message and increase promotional awareness
  • Grow profitability and contribute to our city and our citizens



I know I had the idea at 3:30 in the afternoon on the last Wednesday of June because the tornado siren began sounding. I needed every idea I could get then, with a client base made up mostly of hotels and resorts.

Over the last 8 years my company, 7 Second Solutions, has focused on the hospitality industry, providing research and training programs. Then came March 2020, and just like that our clients were gone.

I had a lot of ideas leading up to that afternoon. This one felt different though, and I immediately thought of Pam Routh. Within days we were planning and developing what became Memphis Is More.

I have worked with Pam since the days of type, film, and pre-press. The old wild, wild west of print and production. Pam was always my go-to rep. I got the opportunity to hire Pam in 2008, and we developed and fulfilled countless programs and promotions. In 2013, she left to focus on the race event business, opening PR Event Management soon after. And just like my own business, PR Event Management met March 2020.

So, we each got a truckload of lemons to make the lemonade we call Memphis Is More. Pam is handling the sales side and I am handling operations and we’re both doing everything in between.

For us, what is great about Memphis is More is the opportunity to work will all the great businesses and people that make up our community and culture. Memphis is a unique place that people across the world know and recognize. Our goal is to feature the people and places that make Memphis Memphis. And we want to have some fun along the way. We hope that you enjoy our Kits and we deeply appreciate your support.

Mark McLeod